Laurel & Hardy

53. The Stolen Jools (1931)

Filmed early 1931.   Released April 4th 1931.   Two Reels. Although Chickens Come Home was the first Laurel and Hardy picture to be released in 1931, it wasn't the first that the boys filmed. At the very start of the year Stan and Babe were loaned out, free of charge, to appear in a film that… Continue reading 53. The Stolen Jools (1931)

Laurel & Hardy

33. Bacon Grabbers (1929)

What's the one thing a die-hard Laurel & Hardy fan wants more than anything? Well, arguably its to find a Hal Roach era film that they've never seen before. It's the Holy Grail. To most fans, finding a copy of 'Hat's Off' (1927) or the boys' remaining missing sequences from The Rogue Song (1930) are… Continue reading 33. Bacon Grabbers (1929)