Laurel & Hardy

61. Helpmates (1932)

Filmed: October 19th to October 26th, 1931 Released: January 23rd, 1932 Produced by Hal Roach Directed by James Parrott                 Photographed by Art Lloyd Dialogue by H.M. Walker Main Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Blanche Payson “When the cat's away - The mice start looking up telephone numbers”   "The round Oliver Hardy and the… Continue reading 61. Helpmates (1932)


49. Pardon Us (1930)

Since their official teaming in 'The Second Hundred Years' (1927), Laurel and Hardy's star had been continually rising. By the end of 1930, their two and three-reelers, in multiple languages, were universally loved by audiences, as well as the majority of critics all around the world. Their popularity was such that their short subjects were even… Continue reading 49. Pardon Us (1930)