44. Blotto (1930)

'Blotto' is certainly a fan favourite, based on the amount of times I've seen clips posted on social media fan pages. This is mostly due to just one scene at the end of the film, where the boys are laughing uncontrollably, in the belief that they are drunk (or blotto).  It's quite an interesting film … Continue reading 44. Blotto (1930)


17. The Battle of the Century (1927)

It has to be said that 1927 was a pretty disastrous year for Laurel & Hardy. Why? I hear you wonder...well, five, yes FIVE of their films from this year were lost by the Hal Roach Studios.¬† Thankfully most of these films have since been recovered, thanks to the efforts and dedication of committed individuals, … Continue reading 17. The Battle of the Century (1927)