Laurel & Hardy

39. Perfect Day (1929)

For Stan, Ollie, their wives and of course the gout-ridden Uncle Edgar Kennedy, this was far from a perfect day. Yet, all of the film's ingredients and especially the talent on display make the film almost the perfect comedy. Indeed Glenn Mitchell in his 'Laurel & Hardy Encyclopedia' describes 'Perfect Day' as one of the… Continue reading 39. Perfect Day (1929)

Laurel & Hardy

33. Bacon Grabbers (1929)

What's the one thing a die-hard Laurel & Hardy fan wants more than anything? Well, arguably its to find a Hal Roach era film that they've never seen before. It's the Holy Grail. To most fans, finding a copy of 'Hat's Off' (1927) or the boys' remaining missing sequences from The Rogue Song (1930) are… Continue reading 33. Bacon Grabbers (1929)