Laurel & Hardy

46. Below Zero (1930)

It's not often I say this about a Laurel & Hardy film, but I find it very hard to laugh at much of 'Below Zero'.  It's a very bleak, unfriendly, cold and at times downright violent affair, with the boys doing their utmost to weather storms of all kinds. In some ways, it could be… Continue reading 46. Below Zero (1930)

Laurel & Hardy

39. Perfect Day (1929)

For Stan, Ollie, their wives and of course the gout-ridden Uncle Edgar Kennedy, this was far from a perfect day. Yet, all of the film's ingredients and especially the talent on display make the film almost the perfect comedy. Indeed Glenn Mitchell in his 'Laurel & Hardy Encyclopedia' describes 'Perfect Day' as one of the… Continue reading 39. Perfect Day (1929)

Laurel & Hardy

23. Should Married Men Go Home? (1928)

Filmed during the Spring of 1928, the opening scene of 'Should Married Men Go Home?' is one in contrast to reality. Here we see a picture of domestic bliss, as Ollie and his wife (played by Kay Deslys, returning for a second film in a row) sit cuddling on the sofa, yet behind closed doors… Continue reading 23. Should Married Men Go Home? (1928)