Laurel & Hardy

43. Night Owls (1930)

After their brief sojourn at MGM, filming 'The Rogue Song', the boys were soon back in front of the cameras at the Hal Roach 'Lot of Fun' for business as usual...and that business was 'Night Owls'. The story of 'Night Owls' is an interesting one, as Laurel & Hardy historians, including  Randy Skretvedt, Glenn Mitchell… Continue reading 43. Night Owls (1930)

Laurel & Hardy

37. Men O’ War (1929)

It really is quite hard to believe that 'Men O'War' was only Laurel & Hardy's third talking picture! Early talkies just don't get much better than this. Whilst their first outing, 'Unaccustomed As We Are' (1929), was over-loaded with dialogue and their second offering, 'Berth Marks' (1929), was mostly visual pantomime, the team at the… Continue reading 37. Men O’ War (1929)

Laurel & Hardy

33. Bacon Grabbers (1929)

What's the one thing a die-hard Laurel & Hardy fan wants more than anything? Well, arguably its to find a Hal Roach era film that they've never seen before. It's the Holy Grail. To most fans, finding a copy of 'Hat's Off' (1927) or the boys' remaining missing sequences from The Rogue Song (1930) are… Continue reading 33. Bacon Grabbers (1929)