25. Two Tars (1928)

'Two Tars' is a spectacular return to form for Laurel & Hardy - and thank goodness for that! This is exactly what was required following the confusing and, without wanting to sound melodramatic, traumatic experience of watching the boys' previous film 'Early to Bed' (see the blog for details).  What a relief to read the … Continue reading 25. Two Tars (1928)


22. Their Purple Moment (1928)

Forget Silas Barnaby, Walter Long, Noah Young, Tiny Sandford, Charlie Hall, even Jimmy Finlayson. Laurel & Hardy's biggest and certainly most intimidating nemesis had to be their on-screen wives! Although the boys had had female co-stars playing their girlfriends in earlier films and also whilst acknowledging that there would be better examples to come in … Continue reading 22. Their Purple Moment (1928)