51. Be Big! (1931)

Filming began 8th December 1930. Released 7th February 1931. Three Reels Main Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Anita Garvin, Isabelle Keith, Baldwin Cooke Director: James W. Horne  "Mr. Hardy is a man of great care, caution and discretion -                                  … Continue reading 51. Be Big! (1931)

Tipping the hat to Laurel & Hardy’s Silent Shorts (1921 – 1929)

Our last blog focused on the wonderful 1929 short 'Angora Love'. As well as being a typically funny Laurel & Hardy comedy, it's also a very significant film in Stan & Ollie's canon, as it has the distinction of being the very last silent film they ever made together (with the exception of 'The Tree … Continue reading Tipping the hat to Laurel & Hardy’s Silent Shorts (1921 – 1929)

22. Their Purple Moment (1928)

Forget Silas Barnaby, Walter Long, Noah Young, Tiny Sandford, Charlie Hall, even Jimmy Finlayson. Laurel & Hardy's biggest and certainly most intimidating nemesis had to be their on-screen wives! Although the boys had had female co-stars playing their girlfriends in earlier films and also whilst acknowledging that there would be better examples to come in … Continue reading 22. Their Purple Moment (1928)