‘Silents’ Book

When Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were teamed in 1927, the age of silent films was almost at an end. The two funny men were the very last in a line of wonderful silent clowns, and they quickly became one of the biggest names in screen comedy. However, their timing couldn’t have been worse. The arrival of talking pictures caused a seismic change in the industry and threatened to end their careers before they’d barely begun. But how did Laurel and Hardy become so popular so quickly, and how did the Hal Roach Studios prepare and successfully transition them into the world of talkies?

In this first volume on the legendary comedy team, author Patrick Vasey and designer Russell Babidge chronologically chart the birth, formation and development of the most popular comedy duo ever. The production history of each of the team’s films made between 1921 and 1929 is discussed in detail, including lots of contextual information about the Hal Roach Studios, the actors’ private lives and the general state of Hollywood in the late 1920s.

Containing countless rare images collated from experts, historians and collectors around the world, Laurel & Hardy: Silents presents the most complete collection of the boys’ studio stills ever published. Extensively researched and using contemporary trade reviews and articles this is the definitive history and record of Laurel and Hardy’s silent era.

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