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Acting as something of a companion to the blogs on this website, each episode contains an audio version of the related blog posts and, in addition, I also chat with special guests from the Laurel & Hardy world, such as authors, experts, film archivists, officianados and regular fans, like you and me!

If you like Laurel & Hardy then you’re going to love this podcast too, it’s a must for all fans of the boys. But, don’t take my word for it, scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what real fans think about it.

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Episode 7: Flying Elephants – with Glenn Mitchell and Bill Oates                              Episode Seven of the Blogcast is the second of two episodes containing an interview with the author of The Laurel & Hardy Encyclopedia, Glenn Mitchell. In this final part, Patrick and Glenn talk about the 1927 silent short, ‘Flying Elephants’ and also discuss the life and career of one of the film’s stars, Viola Richard. In addition, we also hear from Bill Oates, the editor of the Sons of the Desert’s ‘Intra-Tent Journal’, as he gives his views on this silent oddity.

Episode 6:  Do Detectives Think? – with Glenn Mitchell                                             Episode Six of the Blogcast is the first of two episodes containing an interview with the author of The Laurel & Hardy Encyclopedia, Glenn Mitchell. In this first part, Patrick and Glenn talk about Glenn’s Laurel & Hardy backstory, take a close look at the 1927 silent short, ‘Do Detectives Think?’ and the Tipton Slasher himself, Noah Young, as well as the now infamous ‘Atoll question’! 

Episode 5: Sailors Beware! & Now I’ll Tell One – with Craig Calman & James Forsher         In another packed episode, Patrick has not one but two special guests. First he talks to author Craig Calman about his friendship and association with Hal Roach, followed by a conversation with award winning documentary filmmaker, James Forsher, about his forthcoming feature length documentary about the life and career of Hal Roach. There are another two audio blogs, focussing on the next two films in the Laurel & Hardy filmography, namely Sailors Beware! (1927) and Now I’ll Tell One (1927).

Episode 4: Why Girls Love Sailors & With Love and Hisses – with Chris Seguin       In a packed episode four, Patrick reviews the new blu-ray/DVD set, Laurel & Hardy: The Definitive Restorations and talks to Laurel & Hardy aficianado, Chris Seguin about the two films in focus, Why Girls Love Sailors (1927) and With Love and Hisses (1927). They also discuss the influence of silent comedy star Harry Langdon on Stan Laurel and also Chris’ obsession with the boys’ final screen appearance, the controversial, Atoll K.

Episode 3: Slipping Wives & Love ‘Em and Weep – *James Finlayson Special* – with Stephen Rettie                                                                                                      In this third episode, Patrick talks with Stephen Rettie about his family connection to Laurel & Hardy co-star and fan favourite, James Finlayson. The episode charts Finlayson’s history growing up in Larbert, Scotland and emigrating to California and becoming a global star. The two Laurel & Hardy films in focus are ‘Slipping Wives’ (1927) and Love ‘Em and Weep (1927), being Finlayson’s first role in the same film as both Stan Laurel and Oliver ‘Babe’ Hardy.

Episode 2: 45 Minutes From Hollywood & Duck Soup – with Steve Massa               In this second episode Patrick talks with silent film historian, Steve Massa about his connections with the world of Laurel and Hardy. The two audio blogs focus on the next two films in the Laurel and Hardy canon, being 45 Minutes From Hollywood (1926) and Duck Soup (1927) and Steve gives his take on them both.

Episode 1: The Lucky Dog – with Rob Stone                                                               This first episode of ‘The Laurel & Hardy Blogcast’ covers Laurel and Hardy’s first appearance together on screen, namely ‘The Lucky Dog’ (1921). Included is a great interview with ground-breaking author, Rob Stone who discusses Stan and Ollie’s solo careers, as well as the film in question.

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The Definitive Laurel & Hardy Podcast: From the great L&H Blog site, a podcast for fans of the duo. Informative reviews of the films, but it’s the chats with guests that makes this a great listen. So good I listen to them twice over. Looking forward to many more.”  gpw76

Laurel and Hardy for the Ears:  Patrick does a swell job, combining humor with scholarly but not too heavy discussions of The Boys. Pop some corn, sit back and enjoy more than an hour episode of “you, you Sons of the Desert.”” Frontier Bris
Great Podcast: Really great podcast for anyone interested in L&H, or anyone who wants to discover this comedy duo”  Phil A Grundy

Superlative !!!!: As a long time admirer of Stan and Ollie ( 49 ur old Hispanic in Miami ) I am so happy with this podcast! There was another good one called Mixed Nuts and Hard Boiled Eggs that is no more so this was an awesome surprise ! Love all the detailed talk and the obvious love that you have for the boys! Please keep this invaluable podcast going !! L & H are a national treasure and you are an international treasure for doing this !! 🙏🙏❤️”  BOBANDRAY

One Good Turn: Thank you SOOOO MUCH for this podcast. I rarely if ever listen to more than one episode of anything but this one I am addicted to and it just began. I can’t wait for more and I am so grateful there are people like you out there keeping Laurel and Hardy’s legacy alive. :)” Herbie Brown

Here’s another nice blog you need to listen to! Mmmph!:  Patrick Vasey has singlehandedly brought about the best Laurel and Hardy podcast to date. A supplement to his wonderful blog that chronologizes each film in detail, this podcast sets out to do that and much more via interviews with scholars and others important to the L&H scene. Very charmingly presented with L&H audio cues interspersed throughout — you will be as informed as you will be entertained. And if you must make a noise, make it quietly!” chrisivision

Wonderful!: There have been several attempts at a Laurel & Hardy podcast that either suddenly stop or just disappear. Two episodes in and I’m already hooked and hoping it sticks around. It’s reminiscent of The Marx Brothers Council podcast with interviews with authors/experts in hand to give the backstory on “the boys”.” Really Big Dave

For L&H Fans–A Must!: Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! One of the best podcasts I have listened to. Can’t wait for more now! Such unexplored depth into L&H for the true fan. Enjoyed it so much!” Bewilderedatman

“Excellent episode…Insightful, fun and always great to hear…Thank you for these great podcasts” Tony B.

“Another brilliant and riveting episode! I love this podcast, and the new episodes cannot come soon enough. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make these. Keep up the great work” Thomas I.

“Catching up on these blog casts now, amazing stuff! So glad L&H buffs have their own in-depth podcast now, the Marx Brothers have had a great one and now L&H have their own great one. Thanks for filling the void! The interspersed L&H audio clips are inspired and come off effortless, imagine that takes a lot of work! Punctuates an already entertaining discussion with a smile.”    Christopher J.

“I’ve been enjoying the podcasts and I’m looking forward to many more.” Ron H.

“It’s wonderful, I’ve listened to all of them twice, and will listen to them again! They are so chock-full of information I simply must listen to them more than once!” Bill W.

“I just heard the Lucky Dog episode of the podcast and wanted to convey my deepest appreciation for your presentation. Rob Stone was a terrific guest and the opportunity to hear about his experiences made this Laurel and Hardy conversation really come alive.  I cannot wait to hear the rest of your episodes. What a gift to all Sons of the Desert and also those with a less fanatical interest in the boys.” Nick J.

“Just listened to podcast number 4…Wonderful once again, thanks to Patrick Vasey and all concerned…Keep up the great work” Clive S.


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