Blogcast LogoThe Laurel & Hardy Blog is proud to announce the launch of a new podcast series, entitled ‘The Laurel & Hardy Blogcast’ (see what I did there?!).

You can now take your favourite blog around with you wherever you go, in the car, on a bus, whilst out jogging or wherever you like to listen to podcasts.

Not only will each episode contain an audio version of the related blog posts, but I’ll also be chatting to special guests from the Laurel & Hardy world, such as authors, experts, film archivists, officianados and regular fans, like you and me!

So, why not take a listen on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Google Podcasts or by clicking  on the handy podcast player to the sidebar (right):

Episode 3: Slipping Wives & Love ‘Em and Weep – *James Finlayson Special* – with Stephen Rettie

Episode 2: 45 Minutes From Hollywood & Duck Soup – with Steve Massa

Episode 1: The Lucky Dog – with Rob Stone

The Laurel & Hardy Blogcast – Teaser Trailer



“Catching up on these blog casts now, amazing stuff! So glad L&H buffs have their own in-depth podcast now, the Marx Brothers have had a great one and now L&H have their own great one. Thanks for filling the void! The interspersed L&H audio clips are inspired and come off effortless, imagine that takes a lot of work! Punctuates an already entertaining discussion with a smile.”    Christopher J.

“I’ve been enjoying the podcasts and I’m looking forward to many more.” Ron H.

“It’s wonderful, I’ve listened to all of them twice, and will listen to them again! They are so chock-full of information I simply must listen to them more than once!” Bill W.

“I just heard the Lucky Dog episode of the podcast and wanted to convey my deepest appreciation for your presentation. Rob Stone was a terrific guest and the opportunity to hear about his experiences made this Laurel and Hardy conversation really come alive.  I cannot wait to hear the rest of your episodes. What a gift to all Sons of the Desert and also those with a less fanatical interest in the boys.” Nick J.

As ususal, I’d love to hear your thoughts.