45. Brats (1930)

'Brats' is a really interesting film and I say this for several reasons. Firstly, it's one of the only films where Laurel and Hardy carry the whole film completely on their own, with no supporting cast. Second, its the first film where we see the boys playing dual roles. In 'Brats' the boys play both … Continue reading 45. Brats (1930)

42. The Rogue Song (1930) (Lost Film)

Just like the silent short 'Hats Off' (1927), The Rogue Song has frustrated Laurel & Hardy fans for decades, as it is another 'lost' film. However, whereas 'Hats Off' is lost in its entirety, fragments of varying length and quality of 'The Rogue Song' have surfaced across the globe over the years, giving us tantalising glimpses … Continue reading 42. The Rogue Song (1930) (Lost Film)