Laurel & Hardy

51. Be Big! (1931)

Filming began 8th December 1930. Released 7th February 1931. Three Reels Main Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Anita Garvin, Isabelle Keith, Baldwin Cooke Director: James W. Horne  "Mr. Hardy is a man of great care, caution and discretion -                                 … Continue reading 51. Be Big! (1931)

Laurel & Hardy

50. Another Fine Mess (1930)

Filming began 22nd September, 1930. Released 29th November, 1930. Three reels. "Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy have many ups and downs...                                                               Mr. Hardy takes charge… Continue reading 50. Another Fine Mess (1930)

Laurel & Hardy

49. Pardon Us (1930)

Since their official teaming in 'The Second Hundred Years' (1927), Laurel and Hardy's star had been continually rising. By the end of 1930, their two and three-reelers, in multiple languages, were universally loved by audiences, as well as the majority of critics all around the world. Their popularity was such that their short subjects were even… Continue reading 49. Pardon Us (1930)

Laurel & Hardy

48. The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (1930)

Although there are some hilarious moments in 'The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case', I feel that this film fails to live up to the standard of the majority of the boys' other shorts from their golden period. It's very subjective, of course, and I'm aware that there are many fans that count this film amongst their favourites,… Continue reading 48. The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (1930)

Laurel & Hardy

47. Hog Wild (1930)

Following 'Below Zero', 'Hog Wild' is a return to the gag-packed comedy format that merrily bounces along to a jaunty soundtrack, and I would say, is arguably one of Laurel and Hardy's best short subjects. It's such a simple plot - Ollie has to fix a radio aerial onto his roof, oh yes...and to handicap… Continue reading 47. Hog Wild (1930)

Laurel & Hardy

46. Below Zero (1930)

Although Below Zero is a great film with many great gags and superb performances throughout, I have to be honest and say that I find it very hard to laugh at much of it.  To be fair, it's very rare for me to feel that way, especially about a film from the Hal Roach era,… Continue reading 46. Below Zero (1930)

Laurel & Hardy

45. Brats (1930)

'Brats' is a really interesting film and I say this for several reasons. Firstly, it's one of the only films where Laurel and Hardy carry the whole film completely on their own, with no supporting cast. Second, its the first film where we see the boys playing dual roles. In 'Brats' the boys play both… Continue reading 45. Brats (1930)

Laurel & Hardy

44. Blotto (1930)

'Blotto' is certainly a fan favourite, based on the amount of times I've seen clips posted on social media fan pages. This is mostly due to just one scene at the end of the film, where the boys are laughing uncontrollably, in the belief that they are drunk (or blotto).  It's quite an interesting film… Continue reading 44. Blotto (1930)

Laurel & Hardy

43. Night Owls (1930)

Filming began October 30, 1929, to November 11, 1929 Released January 4, 1930, Two Reels                    Produced by Hal Roach, Directed by James Parrott, Photographed by George Stevens,  Sound by Elmer Raguse Main Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Edgar Kennedy, James Finlayson, Anders Randolf After their brief… Continue reading 43. Night Owls (1930)


42. The Rogue Song (1930) (Lost Film)

Just like the silent short 'Hats Off' (1927), The Rogue Song has frustrated Laurel & Hardy fans for decades, as it is another 'lost' film. However, whereas 'Hats Off' is lost in its entirety, fragments of varying length and quality of 'The Rogue Song' have surfaced across the globe over the years, giving us tantalising glimpses… Continue reading 42. The Rogue Song (1930) (Lost Film)