34. Angora Love (1929)

Well, this is it! Laurel & Hardy's farewell to silent pictures. The end of an era, their last of a dying breed. If you've joined us on the Blog's journey so far, or independently actually sat and watched each film in order (the order that they were made, not released), I hope you've gotten as … Continue reading 34. Angora Love (1929)


31. Big Business (1929)

"'Big Business' is regarded today as the greatest of all the Laurel & Hardy silent comedies", is the opening sentence to Randy Skretvedt's entry for this silent classic.¬†¬†Glenn Mitchell in his 'Laurel & Hardy Encyclopedia' goes even further to say "Big Business is probably the greatest comedy ever filmed...(and) is by far the more consistently … Continue reading 31. Big Business (1929)