Stan & Ollie (2018)

Well, where to start... Since returning home from watching 'Stan & Ollie', it's taken me a good few hours to get my feelings enough in order to be able to write this blog and, in a way, that's quite appropriate, as that's what the film is all about for me...feelings. The film focuses primarily on … Continue reading Stan & Ollie (2018)


22. Their Purple Moment (1928)

Forget Silas Barnaby, Walter Long, Noah Young, Tiny Sandford, Charlie Hall, even Jimmy Finlayson. Laurel & Hardy's biggest and certainly most intimidating nemesis had to be their on-screen wives! Although the boys had had female co-stars playing their girlfriends in earlier films and also whilst acknowledging that there would be better examples to come in … Continue reading 22. Their Purple Moment (1928)