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Blogcast Show Notes -Episode 19: Should Married Men Go Home? with Glenn Mitchell




Episode Nineteen sees the welcome return of special guest Glenn Mitchell. In the programme Patrick and Glenn discuss the first release from the officially designated ‘Laurel & Hardy’ series, 1928’s Should Married Men Go Home?

Patrick explores Babe Hardy’s obsession with golf and also the golfing culture prevalent at the Hal Roach Studios. In addition, Glenn takes an in-depth look at one of Stan and Babe’s co-stars making her final appearance with the boys, Edna Marian.

To read the blog on Should Married Men Go Home? and see the full page article covering the Roach Studio’s 1928 Golf Tournament, as published in Exhibitor’s Herald & Moving Picture World, click here:

A screen grab from the home video showing the boys with George Mann. Photo credit: Dave Lord heath

To watch the unedited version of George Mann’s home video – On Location With Laurel & Hardy – March 1928, click here:

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