There’s everything from soup to nuts folks; Come and get it!

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“Well, now that our troubles are over, where do we go from here…?”

The recent successful release of the dramatised biopic by director Jon S. Baird entitled “Stan & Ollie” has shined a spotlight on the lives and careers of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy for the first time in decades.  I personally have been waiting for a big screen tribute to the boys, such as this, since Sir Richard Attenborough’s ‘Chaplin’ hit cinemas way back in 1992 and I’m happy to say ‘Stan & Ollie’ didn’t disappoint.

The Laurel & Hardy related social media pages have been a real hive of activity for the past few months, with many new members swelling the ranks. The new film starring Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly has been discussed and reviewed countless times on numerous websites and has even been the cause of disagreements and even a few…let’s call them heated debates, within the usually peaceful and amicable L&H community. This is always sad to see, but it is evidence, if any is needed, that feelings about Laurel & Hardy are strong and run very deep within us fans.

So, with my passion for all things Laurel & Hardy given a shot in the arm, I decided to re-visit their classic films one by one, from their first silent short together ‘The Lucky Dog‘ (1921) to their last talking feature ‘Atoll K’ (1951) and all that’s in between – 106 films in total.

So, why not join us as we work our way through our beloved team’s canon of work. You can watch the movies and then add your comments to the blogs or on our related Facebook posts? I’d love to hear your thoughts. To start the discussion, I include my review of the films and try to add a bit of behind the scenes information and some context with what was happening in the boys personal lives at the time they were making each film, to give a more complete picture.

I follow the chronological order of when the titles were filmed, rather than released by the studios, as set out in Randy Skredtvedt’s ‘The Magic Behind the Movies‘ book, which is one of my absolute favourite books on the boys, and an indispensable aid when researching the films themselves. In writing these blogs, I refer to my own personal Laurel & Hardy library and you can find a complete list of all the books that I use clicking HERE or by using the ‘Books etc‘ tab from the main menu.

So, get the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy some classic Laurel & Hardy, before joining in with the blog’s discussions.

9 thoughts on “There’s everything from soup to nuts folks; Come and get it!

  1. Great idea here! As a relative noob to the L&H canon, can you recommend a place to start? Or will you perhaps be writing an introductory history/timeline? A quick and easy reference point would be very useful for folks like me. Good luck!

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    1. Welcome, welcome plummybrummy! Thanks for the message. Yes, a quick reference guide would be a good idea. If you’re looking for a good place to dip your toe in the L&H waters, you could try The Music Box (1932) or Helpmates (1932) or Busy Bodies (1933). To be honest most of the Hal Roach sound shorts are well worth a look. Let me know what you think… 🙂

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