There’s everything from soup to nuts folks; Come and get it!

Welcome to the official home of The Laurel & Hardy Podcast. The place to discover all you need to know about the films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Each month I publish a new podcast episode discussing a film in the Laurel and Hardy chronology. You can share your thoughts, ideas and love for the boys and their work, so please feel free to join in the discussion.


“Well, now that our troubles are over, where do we go from here…?”

So, why not get the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy some discussion about our beloved Stan and Ollie?

13 thoughts on “There’s everything from soup to nuts folks; Come and get it!”

  1. Great idea here! As a relative noob to the L&H canon, can you recommend a place to start? Or will you perhaps be writing an introductory history/timeline? A quick and easy reference point would be very useful for folks like me. Good luck!

    1. Welcome, welcome plummybrummy! Thanks for the message. Yes, a quick reference guide would be a good idea. If you’re looking for a good place to dip your toe in the L&H waters, you could try The Music Box (1932) or Helpmates (1932) or Busy Bodies (1933). To be honest most of the Hal Roach sound shorts are well worth a look. Let me know what you think… 🙂

  2. My grandfather, Lewis A French worked with Hal Roach for many years. My uncle Lloyd French was a director at the studio.

  3. I can’t understand why I’ve not come across this blog before (although not a big blog follower), I’ve been a member of Helpmates UK tent for more years than I can remember and the Laurel and Hardy magazine has no doubt mentioned the blog at some point but for some reason I must have missed it.
    Looking forward to catching up on the blogs.

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog, Gaz! I think I’ve only had a very small
      mention in the magazine in the past, so it’s easy to see why you might have missed the site. There’s also a new podcast series that I started in the Spring that you may enjoy. Just click on the ‘podcasts’ tab on the menu and you’ll find all the back episodes. Thanks again for your support 👍🏻

  4. The short where Stan invites everyone in the stairwell to watch Ollie fight. He says,”There is going to be a fight!” That is an excellent commentary on what America always was. And always will be. Of course a commentary on the white world society in general. Simply come and watch the fight. What a masterpiece.

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